Choosing the Right for Vein Disease from Therapy, Medication or Surgery

There are several options that usually doctor will advise to you for your vein disease. So many choices and you can learn and know some information about the anticoagulants, catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy, angioplasty, vena cava filters, sclero therapy and laser therapy. Well, what you are going to know for the first? Fine let you know about the anticoagulants. It is one of the treatments for the physician. This is the first treatment which is done by the doctor by seeing the blood. It will help the doctor to know your condition.

There is other therapy; it is catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy. This therapy uses thrombolytic where the treatment will use the nonsurgical by giving the catheter with the thrombolytic. By using the long tube and slime from the blood line, the catheter directed thrombolytic is planted. This is not surgery, but it is only using the catheter to plant the thrombolytic in the blood. The other is angioplasty.

Angioplasty has similar method like the catheter method where the treatment does not use the surgery. It will bring the wider line of the blood. The influence of this angioplasty is widening of vessel. It is done for giving the stretch the vein and also improving the flowing blood. The treatment inflates the small balloon at the end catheter. A stent in the vessel is supported inside and the reaction of the balloon will expands the stent.

Vena Cava Filter is one of good choice for getting the treatment for someone who cannot consume the blood thinning medicine. This vena filter is also good for who wants to develop the clots. It can be done even after taking the anticoagulant. This is the procedure of the surgery to avoid the frozen of the blood to the lung. The procedure of the treatments is inserting the thin tube in the vein from the leg to the lung. It is done in order to reduce the risk of the embolism of pulmonary.

Next treatment that you may know is sclerotherapy. This treatment will inject the varicose vein. This is one of the nonsurgical procedural treatments where the focus of this treatment concern on the salt solution which is injected in the varicose vein. The patient will be collapse. What the trends nowadays is the laser therapy. This is the unique and wonderful therapy which uses the laser to make the intense heat. It is for closing up the vessel. This therapy will less the painful and bleeding. It is safe.