Important Knowledge to Know Causes of Children Respiratory Disease

Nowadays, you will face many diseases occurs on children. This condition leads the parents to be aware of them and keep them perfectly. One of the diseases that happened is the respiratory. Children with respiratory disease in fact usually occur in the developed countries. This is one of the big problems on the average, than any other diseases. But, in developing countries, this disease is very fatal for children. Why? They do not have any appropriate care for this disease and they are sometimes not exposed to the healthy life style. This is why, as parents, you should know that this disease is dangerous for children and knows very well what make this disease happens.

Generally, the first problem found that makes this illness is the circumstances of environment. Commonly, there are two causes that bring the disease, genetic and environment. However, sometimes, it also comes from the traced back to the one of these origins. See, some problems are here. Doing smoking during the pregnancy is one of the causes. A mother should not do this thing when you are pregnant because of the tobacco effects when being in womb. Besides, sex hormones will be also the reason. According to the studies, the boys have larger numbers in suffering from this disease than girls. Yeah, however, you can also keep cleanness to reduce the possibility of that disease.

Well, the other causes that influence these respiratory diseases on children are the air pollution. We know that today we will get polluted air more than fresh air. Factory and motor transportation make our world worse. Yeah, this problem leads children to suffer the respiratory disease. The other is the lifestyle. How can? Generally, the conditions of life play important role for health of children. If you serve good food, good life, and good environment, you will avoid this disease, and on the contrary.

This condition also relates to the poverty that happens in society. We know that under-nourishment of the children will not develop the immune very well. Yeah, this is like never ending poverty problem. Besides those all causes, small thing can also influence the children to suspect from the disease. See, the pollen is one of the things examples. Pollens from the certain plants will affect the air and cause children to suffer from respiratory disease.

From that explanation above, the children with respiratory disease have to be careful. You should avoid and prevent this disease occurs on our children from earlier. By knowing the causes of the disease, hopefully you will be more aware to take care of your children, environment, life style, and the other causes.