Month: December 2016

Right Food Nutrition for Healthy Body

Making your body healthy is not easy. However, you have to do much work for doing this. You may know about the proper food nutrition for your body and what you have to eat and what you should not eat. You have to know how to make your body gets the proper nutrition which will make your body really in healthy condition. Your daily needs for getting the proper food are needed. It is very important for doing many activities in the powerful energy.

You have to remember that what you eat is the source of your energy. There are three mains of nutrition you have to know where it will help you to find the energy. The first is carbohydrate, the second is the protein and the third is fat. Meanwhile, for the carbohydrate is the most essential respire to get the energy for doing many activities in our life.

Your body also needs the protein and the fat for getting the energy in your body. However, it will be used when the carbohydrate in your body is running out. However, if you consume the food, your body will get the nutrition and it will be the fuel for your body. Just imagine if you cannot find the food which has not carbohydrate contents. We can say that this process is the metabolism process in our body. The carbohydrate in our body will be processed again and it will become the glucose.

The complex carbohydrate can be found from cereal product with the high fiber, the whole grain and you can find the bread and pastas. The dried out beans also the other vegetables are also very good to make the carbohydrate get the balances for helping the body getting the energy. The complex carbohydrate has the fiber food and it needs long time for getting the process. However it is good because it will make the glucose of your body is stabile.

The stability of the sugar in your blood will help your pancreatic to produce the insulin in the small number. That is why, if someone consumes the sugar they will less hungry. It is very good for you if you have the diet program that will make your body does not need much foods to make your stomach is full. Well, carbohydrate, fat, and your protein are needed to make you keep getting healthy body.

Childhood Obesity, Facts and Reason

The research from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from the periodic in 1994 and 1998 shows that Acerca is about 10% kids get the obesity. Meanwhile, from 2007 and 2008, the percentage about 7% to 17% kids get the obesity. Perhaps, you wonder how much the increasing of obesity for nowadays. Today, 2.014 is about 30% in this world and this increasing is so worried.

For some reasons, the obesity is the reason for being famous. The obesity can be the epidemic it is very closed with the bad lifestyle. Too much watching TV while having snacks and doing activities only on the chair can influence to increase your weight. The other is the fast food where the protein and carbohydrate with the fat and cholesterol also will be the big influence to increase the body to get the fat body.

On the other hand, the bad food from the fast food is only a view reason, but the fact nowadays mother does not care about what their kids eat everyone. Whereas, parent is one of the first factor how the kids developed. They do not care about the food that is served on the table, the fat, calories and the other menus which will create the bomb of obesity.

Some reasons also show that the parent is too busy and finally they forget about the duty that they have to do for developing the kids. There are many kids who take whatever they like without any controls from their parent. They do not get the lesson from the parent what should they eat and what should not they eat. Children will love to do anything what they like and moreover what they eat and the obesity becomes part of their life.

There are many factors about the obesity, and the problem should be solved start from now. Lifestyle and the role of parent are really good idea to help our kids to get the good food to avoid the obesity. The role of parent is not only to serve the good food for kids, but to control the activities of the kids to avoid the obesity. Like too much watching TV without doing activities and invite our children to do gym together will help the kids to get the healthy lifestyle. There are many positive effects when we can avoid from the obesity, the obesity will create so many illness our body because the process of metabolism is not working well. So, whatever the reason, try do best to be healthy.

Good Idea to Avoid Heart Attack

There are many reasons for being healthy. Especially healthy heart attack, it is the reason to keep alive and survive in this world. Healthy heart in our body becomes the most important that we have to keep it and we should care how to keep our body in healthy body. There are many reasons how to do this and you can do it by following some good ideas that we have today.

Let’s say together for saying not to smoking. Smoking is one of the activities that absorb the smoke and save it in lungs. It is not only the factor to create the respirations dysfunctions but also it is factor where your heart will get broken soon. However, there are many people believe that by smoking, it will lose the stress. They believe that smoking will help them to get relax and they show it is one of the gentle actions of men.

You must believe that the cigarette features more than poisons inside. It will create much illness in the body for the smoker or the other people who absorb the smokes. The tobacco will break the heart and the intravenous of the blood. The effect, of course the structure of artery in our blood will not work well. When it does not work well, the activities of the heart pump will stop it also. Well, if it is happening to you, it promises for your health to be broken.

To avoid it, let’s always move and move. The process of metabolism in our body will help the heart works perfectly. The burning calories in our body to get the energy will help the heart to work. However, if you do not do it, just sitting on your chair, watching movie the whole days without any moving body, so there will not be any burning calories and it means it will help your body gets weight. Doing exercise to create the healthy body will help you to protect your heart also.

Make sure that you have the ideal weight. It is also one of the requirements for getting the healthy body to keep the ideal weight. It can be done by consuming the healthy food every day. The healthy food like the vegetables and fruit are needed in order to get the healthy body. However the nutrition is also needed like meat and the other fat food. Do not be worry when you can control your weight; it will be fine, so keep your healthy.